As a parent of a child with special needs, I am one of the few attorneys in Michigan who can honestly say, “I know what you’re going through.”

I’ve made adult foster care / group home negligence a personal mission of mine to fight against, knowing all too well how difficult it can be to fight for people who have challenges sticking up for themselves. I’ve experienced first-hand the range of emotions my clients come to me with after a loved one has been the victim of abuse, negligence or neglect: anger, despair, resentment, guilt, fear and uncertainty.

We know the choice to put a loved one in a group home is difficult, and you put your trust in strangers who you hope will take care of your loved one as if they were family. When negligence causes serious injury or death, it is natural to feel betrayed and unsure of what to do. But you’re not alone.

How We Can Start to Make It Right

In a group home, it is the responsibility of the caregivers to follow your loved one’s individualized plan of services (IPOS) and Crisis Plan. Under these circumstances, unfortunately, situations can arise that lead to the injury or even death of residents.

We start by listening to your story, and hearing your story—for some, it feels like the first time they’ve truly been heard. We then explain to you in detail what your rights are and how you should pursue justice, however your loved one was wronged, including:

  • Improper supervision by staff
  • Failure to follow the guidelines in the residents IPOS or Crisis Plan
  • Choking
  • Wandering and abandoning the property, especially during the cold Michigan winters
  • Sexual assaults by staff, other residents of the home, or strangers
  • Medication errors resulting in missed medications, over-dosing, or being given another resident’s medications
  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Malnourishment and Dehydration
  • Neglect

Let’s Make It Right

When we say we care about what happened, we mean it. Each story is personal to us—just as yours is to you—and we treat every phone call as if a family member were on the other side of the line.

Have a question about your case, or simply want to know more about your rights? Give us a call and we are happy to listen. If we can help, we’ll tell you how we think we can work together to make it right. If we think you may be in better hands with another attorney, we will be happy to refer you to one of our trusted colleagues.

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