Second Offense OWI in Michigan

Charges for a Second OWI Offense in Michigan

If you have been arrested for drunk/drugged driving with a prior conviction within 7 years, you will face enhanced penalties if you are found or plead guilty to an additional drunk/drugged driving charge. While the elements of the crime remain the same, you may face the following penalties:

  1. Misdemeanor punishable by jail for 5 days to 1 year (That is a MANDATORY 5 days);
  2. Fine of $200.00 – $700.00;
  3. Probation up to 2 years
  4. Alcohol/Drug Education Class
  5. Alcohol/Drug Testing

In addition, you will face a much tougher sanction from the Secretary of State. If you receive two OWI convictions within 7 years, your license will be REVOKED for 1 year. This means you DO NOT have a license. After the 1-year period has expired, you may appeal to the Secretary of State to have your license reinstated. However, this process is never a guarantee.

As you can see, the penalties and sanctions for a second offense are dire. These penalties can cause major issues for your relationship, employment, and mental health. You will also need to rely on others for transportation, as an arrest for Driving While License Suspended will further delay the reinstatement of your license.

Luckily, our office has handled numerous first offense and second offense OWI cases. Our attorneys know how to avoid the second offense enhancements and reduce your charges to those of a first offense. Alternatively, we have formed relationships with Sobriety Courts around the state. These specialty courts allow someone to plead guilty, but they retain their driver’s license and avoid jail while completing an enhanced form of probation. Due to our reputation for recommending clients for these courts that are SERIOUS about their sobriety, we have a high success rate in Sobriety Court placements.

The Macomb Law Group has the unique skill set to fight your case on the merits, while also preparing you for all possible outcomes. Our office can also assist with the restoration of your driver’s license in the event that it is revoked.

Most importantly, we function as attorneys AND counselors. If you have been charged with a second offense OWI, you must address any issues you have with alcohol/drugs. The Macomb Law Group can assist you in finding the appropriate resources to begin the road to recovery. While you are our client, you also become a part of our family. Give our OWI defense attorneys a call to schedule your free consultation today.


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