Of Counsel Personal Injury Appellate Attorney, Macomb Law Group

Personal injury appellate attorney Richard Shaw is Of Counsel at the Macomb Law Group. Richard has over 35 years of personal injury and appeals court experience including motor vehicle accidents, auto insurance claims, and other personal injury claims. He has worked with Founder Jim Spagnuolo for over 17 years, beginning when Jim was a law clerk at Lopatin, Miller, Freedman, Bluestone, Herskovic & Domol. Jim and Richard maintained their professional relationship through the years, and their respective employment changes.

“When Richard and I met he was the head of the appellate department at Lopatin Miller where I began my career.  Richard has briefed and successfully argued more appeals dealing with plaintiff personal injury cases than any other appellate attorney I know.” – Jim Spagnuolo, Founder, Macomb Law Group

When Jim founded Macomb Law Group, Richard was happy to come on in an Of Counsel capacity. He serves as the firm’s appellate attorney, representing Macomb Law Group clients at the Michigan Court of Appeals and, when necessary, the Michigan Supreme Court.